Artist Spotlight: Mara B. Stones

July 20, 2014

So excited to share the art of desert queen Mara Stones. Immensely inspiring images of her sacred playground, along with words unraveled from bits of her poetry. They always transcend me to an enchanted barren landscape that is abundant with existence and evokes a serene stillness. Find more of her art here.


Low desert spirit

Let me start again.
The dirty stone gets further out of reach,
beyond my conscience.
I´m an incurable wild.
I have burned up all my chances,
and a chance is life.
I´m meeting my destiny
this evening
at the sea shore
and I´m gonna kill it.
So let me start again.

– Mara B. STones



tabernas mod

The skin burst above you.
Your hand more slow
than slowness,
and my speechlessness.
-Spill of secrets-
Scars in our maps
without marked places.
I´m using my gravity
to peer into your essence.
There´s a parched story
and a bitter gasp,
where our days are written,

In the rippling sand.
Traces of our plans,
tethered thoughts
that carry us to
the poverty in the mouth
pronouncing each verb
-as we used to-
Without speaking.

– Mara B. STones

deserters series


You fall in love with the insoluble
Because beauty is not
rather than part of the intangible.
And love actually
is only the beginning of the symptom.
So you fall for the impossible
and then you die a little.

– Mara B. STones


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